Kevin Speed introducing a New High-Speed Shuttle Railway Service for Everyone, Every Day: ilisto  

A train company
meeting today’s needs

A new commuting lifestyle

With remote working and the desire to live away from large cities, a new commuting lifestyle is emerging. This new lifestyle means travelling frequently and freely to connect our different lifes and workplaces.

But trains and buses are offering incompatible service and there is a need for change around Europe (frequency is low, membership tickets are way too expensive) as they are now not appropriate to this new lifestyle but for an affluent happy few. Our objective is to provide an inclusive solution for those who live in towns or the countryside, to be able to reach major cities, without spending thousands of euros of gasoline every year. 

New mobility solutions at hand

In today’s picture, because of high-speed travel prices, with excessive use of cars with their carbon impact, too many urban families have to give up on their dream. There are so many rural locations where from it is not possible to reach cities.

With the opening of the railway market, we came up with the idea of Kevin Speed, which is to provide quick and unexpensive mobility solutions to all those who are willing to reinvent their lives.

Our trains are meant for Kevin... and others

We thought of Kevin Speed for them…

Kevin & Emma

Kevin lives with Emma, a teacher. He is an accounting consultant and is meant to participate in 100 project review meetings in Val de Fontenay (Greater Paris): they both moved away from Meaux (Greater Paris) to a charming little house by the river in Chaumont sur Aire (Meuse).


Geoffrey is a nurse working 120 12-hour night shifts per year (from 20h00 till 8h00) who moved to Villiers sur Loir (a village in the Loire region) leaving Longjumeau (Greater Paris) and his job at Hôpital Bèclere in Clamart. He can now take a position in Paris at Hôpital Necker.


La famille Kevin Speed

Marion & Aurélie

Marion and Aurélie, are both assistant professors at the universities of Reims and Tours, respectively. They live together in Gentilly (Greater Paris). They both travel to teach at their universities 100 times per year.

Pauline & Maxime

Pauline became the new rural medic in Estrées-Deniécourt (Somme) while her husband Maxime became  managing director for Veolia, headquarted in Aubervilliers (Greater Paris): They left their nice villa in Hardelot for a plush mansion in the Somme valley.

Kevin Speed, freedom to travel fast

No compulsory booking: you can tap and go on your smartphone, 
and you get billed for depending on the trips taken

Low prices 
and flexibility

Our prices and our App are life changers for our frequent travellers, starting at 3€ for a 100km trip during off-peak hours. The app keeps you aware of your usage and ensures that you can stick to a sensible monthly budget.

Solution to price of energy and the climate crisis

The cleanest transport: 140 000 tons of CO2 are saved every year by our customers (modal shift from cars), and above all, thousands of euros are saved on fuel bills for our customers every year!

High Speed 
in your countryside

Kevin Speed serves cities from small towns and countryside stations. A high-speed station near you, every hour, from early morning till night.

Our community spirit

It’s up to you to invent the life that goes with a high-speed train...with plenty of room for warmth and conviviality on board and on the App.

Our ethical economic model

To provide good, reliable trains with unexpensive upkeep:

> we need funds to buy them new

> We first need to earn this money from our customers by offering good service.

> We want to provide high density on our trains to lower prices dramatically.

Modèle économique

> Lower prices mean doubling yearly passenger volumes.

> Doubling volumes are key to allow private funds to finance new trains.

> In our model, our railway workers are also shareholders of Kevin Speed.

> First successes: a significant seed-funding, the support from BPI france, and an exclusive agreement with a blue-chip train manufacturer


Laurent Fourtune- With railway market opening nowadays, I want to bring my industrial experience to enliven a company that changes life for many 

Partner, President Laurent has been working for 20 Years in urban and railway transportation, has opened 70 km of light rail and extended 4 metros with the teams of RATP and Ile De France Mobilité. Those lines changed the life of one million of the greater Paris area inhabitants and saved 150 000 Tons of CO2 per year. He has managed to modernize the Channel Tunnel operations with 2500 French and British employees. 

Jihane Mahmoudi - I have been a commuter myself for several years and have been confronted with many limitations that are still relevant today: low frequency, exorbitant subscription costs, difficulty to book last minute trains... 

Partner, COO Jihane has been working for 15 years in digital transformation with many concrete and impactful achievements in large international and multicultural groups. She is a specialist in complex projects, especially in the fields of railway safety and regulatory processes. A visionary, innovative and "out of the box thinker", she believes that it is time to change the ageing model of intercity transport in order to meet the needs of frequent travelers.   

Claire Bonniol- My personal belief is that we can significantly contribute to modern ways of work/life balance by providing new mobility solutions that are green and affordable

Partner, CCO Claire has dedicated the 20 previous years to topics such as service marketing, leaning and development and customer experience. She spent more than 10 years at Accor Group and consulted with more than 100 companies of all kinds and more than 10K people on demonstrating how successful customer service can bring personal fulfillment. Entrepreneur and consultant, she works with numerous blue-chip companies such as Elior, Eurotunnel, Accor, Engie, or Europcar Mobility Group. She joined the Kevin Speed adventure to apply her passion and expertise of customer and employee experience to this ambitious project, 

Guy Saidenberg- I feel very attracted by the historical opportunity to develop an innovative offer that the opening of the high speed rail market in France to private capital presents: cheaper, greener, and responding to the evolving needs of a whole new class of future travellers

Partner, CFO Guy has worked for over 20 years at the heart of international capital markets as an executive for major global investment banks. He had a front row seat to the impact of capital allocation decisions in G7 as well as emerging markets from the macroeconomic level down to the scale of single projects. He is also active as a business angel.


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  • 22.05.24 / Press release: the track access framework agreement between Kevin Speed and SNCF Réseau is endorsed by the French transport regulator's opinion

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  • 04.03.24 / Kevin Speed reserves French train paths (International Railway Jounal) 
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  • 8.04.22 / Press release: Kevin Speed launches his Advisory Board with first meeting on Friday 8th April 2022

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  • Kevin Speed on TV (January 2022) 

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